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                                    Safety Tips for Kids at the Pool or Beach


Hey kids, summer is here and it is hot, hot, and hot.  Here are a few tips to keep you safe at the pool or beach.


1.     Never swim alone. No never. Always have a buddy.

2.     Use sunscreen. I know, it is gooey, but a sunburn hurts.

3.     Stay where an adult can see you. No excuses.

4.     Always swim where there is a lifeguard on duty, or an adult supervising.

5.     Follow any rules posted at the pool or beach. Rules are to keep you safe.

6.     Follow mom and dad’s rules if you have a pool in your backyard.

7.     Do not swim with gum or candy in your mouth. You could choke.

8.     Do not go in water over your head unless you know how to swim.

9.     Take rest periods out of the water for 15 minutes every hour so you don’t get overtired.

10. Drink plenty of cool fresh water while out in the summer heat. Also enjoy fresh fruit or snacks throughout the day for energy.


Follow these simple rules when swimming at the pool or beach. Your parents will be happy knowing you are being safe. And you will enjoy being cool while having safe summer fun.





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