Writing fiction and nonfiction for children and adults.

Welcome to my website. I am a freelance writer experienced in writing for both adults and children. I have developed health career material for teens, medical educational information for both adults and teens, and articles on a wide variety of topics of interest for all ages.  I am currently working on fiction and nonfiction for children, health related PLR materials, and prayer books for those needing comfort during a diagnosis or an illness.  

I can take very difficult information and simplifiy it in a personal  and entertaining way so the reader can make educated decisions about life and happiness. Whether it is a serious health issue,  a critical childhood illness, a relationship problem, or family activities and hobbies, I can put the information into clear and concise words to meet your client needs and goals or to simply entertain.  Examples of what you may need:

  • Brochures                                               
  • newsletters
  • bulletins
  • sales letters
  • greeting cards
  • blogs
  • articles
  • how to information
  • writing for children
  • hobby articles
  • nutrition articles
  • activities for kids- articles

I am a pediatric critical care nurse, former high school instructor, and a freelance writer who will meet deadlines with a finished product you can be proud of. I also offer generic bundles of PLR original content for your websites. I look forward to hearing of your needs and working to create the materials which best represent who you are as we reach out to others. 


Click on the following pages on this site to see samples of my writing style for articles and brochures.

Visit http://terri-forehand.blogspot.com for resources and inspiration for new writers as well as snippets of what I am currently working on for children.

Visit http://heartfeltwords4kids.blogspot.com to see my blog for parents and children who are dealing with a serious or terminal illness, book reviews, and resources to assist with coping. Check out http://terri-forehand.blogspot.com for my blog for new writers for children.

Visit http://heartfeltwords4kids.webs.com for more stuff for kids dealing with tough issues, a page where kids can make comments, and a webstore with great gift ideas for kids who may be ill or hospitalized.


Terri Forehand RN - freelance writer

email: terri.forehand@gmail.com

cell: 219-384-6477

fax: 219-843-4694

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